Can you tell me a bit more about 30+ Dance Events?

30+ Dance Event is a fun, safe and comfortable atmosphere to dance, meet new persons, romance, flirt, socialise, network and make new friends. These are popular regular Saturday night events and the ideal night out for fun loving sociable 30+’s. It is a perfect event for couples and single alike. So bring your friends, colleagues, work mates, partners, spouses and head to the next 30+ Dance Event.

Attending our events is the best way for 30+’s to get back into the game and plan their next move, be it career or romance. So come along and enjoy the relaxed and friendly atmosphere created by the organisers of 30+ Dance Events.

Our events generally bring hundreds of individuals from all walks of life together, for friendship, fun and romance. Even if you’re not looking for romance, our events are a great night out of dancing and meeting a very diverse group of people and individuals.

It is the event where friendships are built, relationships are cultivated and bonds are strengthened.

Who is the 30+ Dance Event targeted to?

Like dance and music have no language barriers, 30+ Dance Events aims to bring people in the 30+ age group (with no upper age limit) from diverse backgrounds together. Whether you are single, partnered, in a relationship, married, separated, bureaucrat, technocrat, politician, diplomat, journalist, veteran, tradie, senior citizen, retiree, just a humble public servant, interstate worker, consultant, in Canberra for work or pleasure, here to attend parliamentary sittings, a beauty, geek, someone who just loves to dance and not listed above or just a curious person, our doors are open for each and every one of you.

What is the intent of 30+ Dance Event?

The intent of 30+ Dance Event is to bring our sleepy bush capital to life. These events are:

  • about making dance accessible for everyone to come and dance freely in a friendly, fun and non-threatening atmosphere
  • for people from all races, gender, ethnicity, demographics, sexual orientation, veteran status and disabilities
  • for people of all shapes, sizes and colours to shake out all the stresses, let go of your inhibitions and completely be yourself
Why should I attend 30+ Dance Events?

The ‘hands on’ approach of the event organisers is the main reason for the Events friendly reputation and continuing success.  Our aim is to give you such an enjoyable time that you’ll want to repeat the experience over and over again every Saturday night.

30+ Dance Events welcomes our regular guests and newcomers alike.  So, whether you are looking for a night out just to dance the night away or whether you want to meet new friends or even find that special someone, 30+ Dance Events is the place for you.

Convince me further.

OK, let’s try this:

  • Are you one of those passionate people who just wants to get up and dance when you hear a great rhythm?
  • Have you on occasions even went onto the dance floor alone because you wanted to dance so much, and you weren’t going to wait or depend on anyone else to ask you to join them?
  • When you dance, do you feel soooo alive and energetic and happy?
  • Are you 30+ and have the mentality that age is just a number and has nothing to do with dance anyway?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this event is for you!

How often do you host these events?

30+ Dance Events will be held regulary on Saturday night from 7:30pm to 1:00am commencing from 17-Jan-2015.  In addition to our regular dance events, we will also be hosting various theme events all through the year that may not necessarily take place on Saturday, such as:

Angels & Devils                                  Mad Hatter

Back to School                                    Masquerade (Masks)

Christmas                                             Multicultural

Easter                                                     New Year’s Eve

Favourite Superhero                           Oktoberfest

Halloween                                            White Christmas

Hawaiian                                              Wild Wild West

For more details on our upcoming regular and theme events, please visit our Events page.

What kind of music do you play?

Our experienced DJ’s will present a wide variety of pulsating and foot thumping music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, plus more recent and current charts and genres including pop, rock, R&B, hip-hop, soul, funk, reggae, etc. ensuring that the dance floor is packed all night long.

How much does entry to the event cost?

Admission to our events costs between $10 to $15 per person.

What about any special offers and promotions?

Occasionally, we do offer special promotional discounts through our mailing list.  To avail of these opportunities, please be sure to sign up and subscribe to our event newsletter here to receive offers by SMS or email.

Do I need to pre-book or buy tickets for your events in advance?

Our events can draw large crowds, so it would be prudent to purchase your tickets online in advance through this website to avoid waiting in the queue.  However, if you are undecided until the last minute, you can just turn up at our event in your best dress/suit on the night, and pay at the door.  As you will appreciate, our venue has a limit as to how many people can be admitted, so you should bear that in mind when deciding whether or not to pre-book.

Our theme events tend to be very popular, so it is highly recommended that you book in advance for these events, as they usually sell out beforehand.

Can I pay by credit card online?

Yes, our website facilitates payment through PayPal.  Please note that all online payments will incur a $1.00 surcharge to cover bank transaction fees.

Can I pay at the door using EFTPOS or Credit Card?

Unfortunately, we do not carry a portable EFTPOS terminal and only accept cash payment at the door.  That said, our venue is equipped with an ATM that is generally available at all times.

What time does the event end?

Our events run long into the night, Check the Events page for details. You generally have plenty of time to take it easy and enjoy your night.

Is there parking available at the events?

There is ample of street parking around the venue.  As our events can draw large crowds, it is recommended that you arrive early at the venue to secure a good and convenient parking spot.

Is it alright to attend by myself?

Absolutely.  In fact, many singles prefer to come to our events alone to broaden and expand their horizons.  Generally, we recommend arriving at the event earlier in the night to secure a table.  Having a seat will encourage others to join your table, giving you the best chance of getting to know new friends before heading out to the dance floor.

Do I have to dance?

Not necessarily.  It’s really up to you.  Whatever you are comfortable with.  You can dance, chin wag, socialise, network, look out for that someone special or even do a bit of everything.

Are there any seating arrangements at the events?

Yes, there will be seating available at tables around the dance floor at our venue. Our tables seat between four and eight people and fill up quickly at every event.  In addition, there is ample of seating in the bistro area if you wish to have a chat or conversation with someone.  We highly recommend that you arrive early if you want to secure a table around the dance floor.

Is there a dress code that I need to adhere to?

Whilst there is no strict dress code as such, we recommend that your attire is elegant and smart such that you make a great impression.  We also suggest that you do not wear trainers, ripped or scruffy jeans or shorts.

Are meals available at the venue?

Yes, the venue offers a variety of meals at reasonable prices.  Please note that the last order for meals is at 9:00pm

Is alcohol available at the venue?

Yes, the venue offers a fully-licensed bar service. Please note that the last order for drinks is at midnight. 30+ Dance Events encourages responsible drinking by all its patrons.

Can I smoke at the events?

Commonwealth and Territory legislation prohibits our venue from allowing people to smoke indoors.  However, there are designated outdoor smoking areas around the venue, where smoking is permitted.

What if I need to duck out quickly – can I get back in?

Yes.  All our patrons are stamped on entry to ensure freedom of movement in and around venue facilities.

What if I arrive late at an event?

Whilst the event commences at 7:30pm, there is no problem if you arrive a little late.  However, you will still be expected to pay the normal admission charge.

What if I lose my personal belongings at the event?

Please note that our events can draw large crowds.  Whilst we may assist in trying to locate your lost or stolen items, neither the Organisers of 30+ Dance Events nor the venue where our events are held, accept any responsibility for your personal belongings or any items left or brought on to the premises.  All such items are the sole responsibility of the patron at all times.

Can we celebrate a birthday at your event?

Most certainly. In fact, if you pre book for a group of 12 or more, we will make it a special occasion for you all by throwing in a cake. However, we do request that you give us 4 days advance notice for this.